Today’s learners are stellar

I’ve worked in education for more than three decades and the brilliance of children never ceases to amaze.  When you have a conversation with a young person you realise how curious and switched on they are about the world around them. Perhaps one of the reasons why young people are so creatively minded is because they are continually asking why, really why or making profound observations about the obvious. The fact that young people have greater access to information and ideas through technologies has the capacity to  propel their learning even further.

Case in point is 8 year old Stella. Stella has grown up in a world immersed in technology, so it’s no surprise that she has come up with an idea for an app based on a need in her own life.

The question is how is schooling ever going to catch-up let alone compete with the kind of learning happening outside of it?  Stella typifies a generation who are learning on the go, learning what they want and with whom. This has profound implications for the way we understand today’s learners and teach them.

Stephen Heppell once described today’s learners as stellar. The greatest disservice we do is improving an outdated model of schooling that holds children back from reaching the stars.

* On a final note, thank you to those who have read, contributed to and commented on bluyonder over the past 12 months. To quote fellow educator Matt Esterman: “I cannot learn without others. No one truly achieves anything on their own….we are each part of a vast, thriving ecosystem of learning.”  Ditto Matt.  A safe and Merry Christmas.



2 thoughts on “Today’s learners are stellar

  1. Greg, I read every one of your thoughtful, eloquent posts with appreciation and humility. You are a genuine thought leader. Thanks and merry Xmas.

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