A learning eco-system

Last week the Gonski Institute for Education held a forum to discuss school assessment. Clearly there are growing concerns around the world regarding the negative impact of high stakes testing. So much so that Singapore has now taken the step of banning high stakes testing of students below the age of 11. Australia hasn’t taken … More A learning eco-system

Worth every Winx

Often times understanding how people learn is like trying to master chess. It requires the ongoing commitment to gaining greater knowledge, skills and insights. Richard Elmore talks about this in the context of the instructional core; John Bransford et al. in developing a metacognitive culture within the learning space. I’m often asked to reflect on … More Worth every Winx

Voices of learning

I’m trying to avoid cliches as we begin another school year but I do believe there is a greater willingness in schools to listen to the voice of learners. We are by no means where we need to be but I am buoyed when I visit schools to see students as ‘teachers’ – discussing their … More Voices of learning

The curriculum is just one piece of the bigger puzzle

The current review of the NSW curriculum – what schools teach – aims to “ensure it equips students to contribute to Australian society in the 21st century.” It’s a welcome recognition that our education system no longer fulfils this purpose, but curriculum is only one piece of a bigger puzzle. In 1962, the Wyndham Scheme … More The curriculum is just one piece of the bigger puzzle