Sowing the seeds

Interesting to read that the average age of teachers in Catholic schools is now 40. This is nearly 10 years below that of their colleagues in government schools.

It’s predicted that in the next 5 to 10 years, 40% of government school teachers will retire. This will mark a significant generational change, one that will be delayed in Catholic schools for yet another decade.

Any acknowledgement of generational change in the teaching profession is a reminder of the importance of attracting, selecting and developing the type of teachers who will best serve schools in the future.

I think if we are to attract the best and brightest to the profession, the seeds are usually sown during the years of schooling by  example of staff and, often, by personal suggestion or invitation.

Good educators and school leaders shouldn’t hesitate to invite the most committed students to consider a future as teachers and help shape innovative learning communities for the 21st century.

Do we speak postively about being a teacher?

3 thoughts on “Sowing the seeds

  1. Greg
    I would say that I do speak positively about being a teacher because I am passionate about my job. But I do think that a lot has to do with the people around you. I have been fortunate enough to have worked continuously with committed people who do nothing more than strive for excellence within our profession. Currently we have prac students in our school and I am encouraged by their enthusiasm and the contagious energy they exude. I believe it is these people that we should also be nurturing and perhaps looking at our schools as places of teaching for teachers ensuring that they receive the best preparation for a fulfilling career which will help take our schools to the best ‘future’ place after we become retired!

  2. Victorian government school principals are getting older and there’s a very small number of applications for principal vacancies. I’m sure the issue is not confined to us in Victoria but exist worldwide.
    The Cranbourne Network, in Melbourne’s south-east, comprises twenty-five primary, secondary and specialist schools. In the term of the current government five new schools will be built to cater for the booming population growth.
    We are currently running the second phase of the government sponsored “Leaders in the Making” program to prepare our future educational leaders, some of whom may aspire to the Principal Class. It’s an exciting time.

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