Weaponising test data

There was a time when international standardised tests like PISA and TIMMS were used to provide meaningful insights into the quality of learning and teaching across educational jurisdictions. Nowadays these tests have been turned into weapons that are often used to rank, judge and compare educational systems creating what British educationist Sir Michael Barber calls … More Weaponising test data

What leads my learning

I am consistently asked about my views on leadership and what makes a good educational leader. It seems the more we know about leadership, the less we actually understand. Personally, I avoid the temptation to list respond by giving just another list, which in my opinion, reduces leadership to a set of qualities that seem to … More What leads my learning

Bluyonder voices podcast #11 – teachers are in the relationship business

This month on bluyonder voices, we chat to Jeff Johnson who looks after 42,000 Canadian teachers as Executive Staff Officer, Professional Development, Alberta Teachers’ Association. After some interesting careers, Jeff saw teaching as the best way to change the world. After two decades he still believes teachers are in the relationship business. And if you’re … More Bluyonder voices podcast #11 – teachers are in the relationship business