Knowledge work

Several years ago I attended a conference where Daniel Pink was one of the keynote speakers.  I had never heard Pink speak before but I remember being impressed by his ideas and thinking.  Not long after that I read ‘A Whole New Mind‘ and to this day it remains one of the books in my … More Knowledge work

Decline of maths

The pendulum has swung back with comments by the Group of Eight universities that maths education in Australia is in crisis due in part to a lack of skilled maths teachers. I made the point recently that it would have been good to start the national curriculum with a focus on the arts, music, dance, … More Decline of maths

Virtual campfire

Stories define who we are and help shape both how we act and what we do. As teachers in Catholic schools, the education we provide has to be about the creation of life-giving narratives. It is interesting that Daniel Pink cites ‘story’ as one of the six aptitudes for the conceptual age in A Whole … More Virtual campfire