Banning connectivity

An interesting article in the weekend paper posing the perennial question: do social networking sites cost productivity at work?  (N.B I recall the same question being posed a decade ago when MSN Messenger was popular). Kath Lockett writing in MyCareer (5-6 June 2010) cites a survey of the top 500 US Business in which 60% said … More Banning connectivity

Is censorship sensible?

I’ve been following discussion of the Federal Government’s proposed mandatory internet filter initiative.  Support seems to be fading for the program as the public ironically gathers more information about which sites could be blocked. With the rise of social networking sites, the net has become a kind of bastion of democracy where free speech and freedom of information reigns.  Yet even in … More Is censorship sensible?

Understanding data

Naplan testing begins today for students in years 3,5,7 and 9.  It’s good to see that schooling didn’t grind to a halt – life, learning and teaching does go on. I was pleased to read Dr Judy Smeed’s comments in today’s Australian – finally a voice of reason in the whole Naplan/MySchool debate. Dr Smeed, … More Understanding data

Beyond the horizon

I’ve just returned from presenting at the iNet Conference in Melbourne where I had the opportunity to do a little show and tell…..the iPad.  I brought an iPad to demonstrate the point that learners control the device in the learning and not the reverse. This will excite some and unsettle many educators but we cannot deny what is happening … More Beyond the horizon

TeachMeet 2010

As a system, we are looking into new ways of utilising technology to support teacher learning in situ.   One of the common complaints I hear from leaders is that in leading their schools they are often required to leave their school in order to share and learn from one another. There is an explosion … More TeachMeet 2010

Tapping into twitter

It’s interesting to watch Twitter move from just another social networking tool to a powerful tool for professional conversations, social commentary and in some cases social change. I started using Twitter this year and am amazed by the number of educators who are reflecting on their practice, expounding ideas and seeking answers to challenging questions.   Clif Mims recently shared … More Tapping into twitter


On the subject of the ubiquitous nature of social technologies – I recently attended a dynamic event in Scotland arranged by a great colleague, John Connell called GregMeet. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it turned out to be two and a bit hours of intellectually stimulating discussion connecting educators around the UK using video … More GregMeet

Independent learners

One of the things we know is that if you can develop your process for learning, then learning becomes deeper and more powerful. I see this in so many learning spaces now as teachers begin from where the student is rather than what needs to be taught. This is particularly challenging in the post-compulsory years … More Independent learners

More of Marco

We had around 100 staff at a twilight session on Tuesday night to hear Marco Torres deliver an abbreviated version of his keynote at the Apple Leadership Summit in Hong Kong. Here’s Marco’s presentation in a nutshell: teachers don’t like taking risks George Lucas (Star Wars genius) doesn’t know how to use email (see pt … More More of Marco