Succession management

Dr Dean Fink was in Sydney last week as part of the Leading Educators Around the Planet (LEAP) program.  Fink co-authored ‘Sustainable Leadership‘ with Andy Hargreaves in 2005 and last year published ‘The Succession Challenge’. Leadership succession is a challenge faced by schools as well as business.  Fink believes succession planning is too short-term. Rather, … More Succession management

Can $50 billion improve US schools?

The US federal budget for K-12 schooling for the 2011 school year is approximately $US50 billion dollars.  This doesn’t include the expenditure of state governments who have prime responsibility for schooling. It’s no wonder there is vigorous debate here on the level of expenditure particularly with the release of Waiting for Superman. One thing is clear, no matter … More Can $50 billion improve US schools?

We are the people

Schooling is complicated business – if it was so simple we’d have fixed it already. Sir Ken Robinson I’m not sure whether anyone has seen the documentary ‘We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For‘.  Released late last year, this is the UK’s version of Waiting for Superman – an honest and engaging look at … More We are the people

Waiting for Superman

If the success of An Inconvenient Truth in raising our collective consciousness is anything to go by, then Waiting for Superman will challenge and hopefully change long-held assumptions about schooling. Waiting for Superman is a documentary-film about the deteriorating state of America’s public education system.  It is an honest, confronting and challenging expose.  Essential viewing … More Waiting for Superman

Tea Party agenda

The current state of US politics may be an important lesson for us especially in how we move our education system forward. I always thought a tea party was something you looked forward to but in the US  it’s the name of a deeply conservative and reactionary political movement. In 2009, they launched their manifesto to … More Tea Party agenda