Mindful learning

The challenge of re-imagining schooling is not about changing structures but mindsets. This was the theme of my keynote address at the ACE National Conference in Adelaide recently.  It is time for a new professional maturity.  Let me be clear that professional maturity is the courage to think differently, respond creatively and to act boldly … More Mindful learning

What really matters

The Australian school year has barely begun and already attention has been diverted into debates over the national curriculum and teaching degrees.  What is interesting is that these both seem to be debates over general vs specific. Should a national curriculum be teaching specific knowledge and should teaching degrees be generalist? Certainly the ability to communicate clearly, … More What really matters


I’ve finished reading Carol Dweck’s seminal book, Mindsets. Dweck dedicates half of Chapter 7 to exploring what makes a great teacher.  It’s powerful reading because it illustrates how pervasive the messages students receive in classrooms are in reinforcing ‘fixed’ mindsets about intelligence.  Dweck writes “great teachers believe in the growth of intellect and talent, and … More Mindsets

Expert teachers and visible learning

Our system’s strategic intent seeks to: improve the learning outcome for all students and ensure a professionally rewarding working life for teachers. A professionally rewarding work life for teachers is more than having a well-paid and contented workforce.  It concedes that without highly professional, committed, passionate teachers who believe every child can learn, there won’t … More Expert teachers and visible learning