The X-factor

An interesting dichotomy exists in our society between how teachers are represented within traditional forms of media. Film/TV have typically depicted teachers as walking on holy ground having earned the respect and admiration of students particularly those on the margins. Think of To Sir with Love, Dead Poets Society or Goodbye Mr Chips. Then there are the … More The X-factor

Education schizophrenia

You can easily be forgiven for thinking we live in parallel universe at times. No where is this more evident than in schooling. Over Christmas  I caught up with some reading that still leaves my head spinning. Last November England’s new conservative government released its white paper entitled: The Importance of Teaching. It certainly makes … More Education schizophrenia

Some hard truths

I have written and spoken over the past twelve months about the challenges facing schooling in today’s world.  As we begin a new school year those challenges have not diminished, in fact they have increased. And they will continue to do so unless the  education community faces up to some hard truths. I still maintain … More Some hard truths