All systems go

All Systems Go is the latest book by Michael Fullan and a must for all interested in sustainable systemic change to improve schooling. In the foreward, Peter Senge writes: No institution has a more crucial role to play in the historic changes coming than school because no institution has greater potential to impact on how … More All systems go

Teachers ask how

There are no short cuts and there are many legitimate responses to new learning spaces. Stephen Heppell’s advice to teachers asking how they should work in new learning spaces is the simplest and clearest  I’ve heard  The key message here is to be inquisitive, innovative, and collaborative – there is no roadmap. And that’s part … More Teachers ask how

Learning from leaders

I am really enjoying the opportunity to engage with and capture the conversations of school leaders and teachers.  The lived experience is a shared one and thanks to the nature of today’s technology, we are widening the professional conversation and sharing the wisdom of many.  Dr Jennifer Fraser, principal of St Michael’s Primary has been leading school communities for thirty years – … More Learning from leaders

Douglas Reeves

Douglas Reeves has been in Australia sharing his common sense approach to school leadership and learning.  He made a powerful point when he said leadership doesn’t need more vision or strategies just more precision on what needs to be done and how to achieve it. He refers to this as deep implementation: leaders needing ” … More Douglas Reeves

A national curriculum

I find it interesting that just as the world is opening up to new possibilities of accessing and sharing information, connecting and collaborating globally, the government’s strategic policy focus is defining what should be learned by all students in all Australian schools today. Perhaps the new draft K-10 national curriculum is more a response to … More A national curriculum


The MySchool website is still making news as the media herald it as the single source of educational truth. It is a great hit with parents and the broader community. For me, the obvious flaw of the MySchool website is that it focuses our attention individual schools and not on the work of teachers as … More MySchool

Out to pasture

In 2010, we find ourselves peering over the edge of a great chasm that has to be crossed tif we are to get to a world of new potentials. We move forward with a sense of excitement and possibilities Technology has given us a window into the future.  Just look at the hype and excitment … More Out to pasture

The ‘f’ word

Michael Fullan recently addressed 100+ of our aspiring leaders in the context of leading change and learning in their schools. This was a marvellous experience for leading teachers to be exposed to someone of Fullan’s calibre – armed with research and case studies on what makes an effective school leader. It is evident that one … More The ‘f’ word

Heppell Part 2

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Stephen Heppell back to the diocese. Stephen spent three days during the last week of term 3 at one of our secondary schools to challenge teacher thinking and deepen student engagement. It’s always engaging to hear someone as passionate as Stephen talk to teachers about the opportunities and challenges of … More Heppell Part 2