Profession with a practice

I recently viewed A Profession with a Practice – a series of publications from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.  As always, the DEECD’s approach to improving student learning is inextricably linked to improving the quality of teaching. Deputy Secretary, Darrell Fraser writes in the foreward of Teacher Professional Leave – these publications … More Profession with a practice

Transparency rules

I thought I’d dip again into the work and words of Michael Fullan – author of Six Secrets of Change and one of the texts in our evolving educational canon. Actually, Michael will be back in Parramatta next month, working with our aspiring and school leaders.  Always challenging, always inspiring, always honest, always prudent. I hope … More Transparency rules

From PD to PL

Is there a fundamental difference between professional development and professional learning?  Can teachers be doing PD and teaching at the same time? If we define professional development as a one-off activity that takes place outside of classrooms, the answer is no. Professional development is a remnant of the 20th century when perfecting routines and tasks … More From PD to PL

Teachers learning

I recently had a chat with Rob Muscat, assistant principal at Nagle College Blacktown and we were talking about the work the staff are now doing as part of their commitment to challenging and empowering students. It is obvious that teachers are excited about a new way of working that is collaborative, supportive and professionally … More Teachers learning

The work we do

When Professor John Hattie visited our diocese last year, he mentioned something quite astounding and profound. When teachers are together in staff rooms, they only spend five minutes on average, talking about teaching. We know that when teachers are in learning spaces they ‘do’ the business of teaching, but we also know that it is … More The work we do


I’m amazed by the power of Twitter to turn one thought or comment into a million directions…… Reporting on how the Twitter phenomenon has changed the rules of engagement and social commentary, Steven Johnson writes (Time, June 2009): We are living through the worst economic crises in generations…. and yet in the middle of this … More Tweetback

Teacher learning

We’ve been pursuing a rigorous intent in our system over the past few years. At the heart of the agenda is our ‘theory of action’, which places student learning at the centre of our work influenced by good teachers who continually reflect and improve their practice. We refer to this as teacher learning. We have … More Teacher learning