Excuses vs Innovation

I’ve been exploring the need for professional integrity and intellectual rigour in previous posts and why exercising these within the profession would lead to a culture of innovation instead of excuses. We too often judge the quality of schooling on the results of students as if the onus and responsibility is on their shoulders to improve learning outcomes not … More Excuses vs Innovation

Seven Principles

On a glass panel in my office I have written the seven principles of the instructional core from Elmore et al’s Instructional Rounds in Education. I have done this to keep right at the forefront of my thinking on a daily basis, what I believe to be the best articulation of a foundation for 21st … More Seven Principles

Teacher learning

We’ve been pursuing a rigorous intent in our system over the past few years. At the heart of the agenda is our ‘theory of action’, which places student learning at the centre of our work influenced by good teachers who continually reflect and improve their practice. We refer to this as teacher learning. We have … More Teacher learning