Teachers ask how

There are no short cuts and there are many legitimate responses to new learning spaces. Stephen Heppell’s advice to teachers asking how they should work in new learning spaces is the simplest and clearest  I’ve heard  The key message here is to be inquisitive, innovative, and collaborative – there is no roadmap. And that’s part … More Teachers ask how

Parents ask why

As I wrote in a previous blog, I had the opportunity recently to ask Stephen Heppell to respond to the questions most commonly asked by parents and teachers about contemporary learning spaces – why and how. In his response to parents, Stephen addresses why we need to move on from traditional ‘cells and bells’ learning … More Parents ask why

Heppell and Reeves

I had a chance to catch up with two outstanding educational leaders this week: Stephen Heppell and Douglas Reeves. Stephen spent part of the week working with a group of teachers – sharing knowledge and building critical mass around 21st century learning and teaching. Integral to the discussion is how we design schools and learning … More Heppell and Reeves


On the subject of the ubiquitous nature of social technologies – I recently attended a dynamic event in Scotland arranged by a great colleague, John Connell called GregMeet. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it turned out to be two and a bit hours of intellectually stimulating discussion connecting educators around the UK using video … More GregMeet

Heppell Part 2

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Stephen Heppell back to the diocese. Stephen spent three days during the last week of term 3 at one of our secondary schools to challenge teacher thinking and deepen student engagement. It’s always engaging to hear someone as passionate as Stephen talk to teachers about the opportunities and challenges of … More Heppell Part 2

The moral purpose

Innovation expert, Charles Leadbeater was in Australian recently sharing his ideas on why we need better models of schooling to improve social cohesion. In moving towards greater efficiency, Leadbeater believes that our societies have focussed not on people but on processes, systems, structures and yes, technology. The work of public institutions like schools is not … More The moral purpose

Heppell’s wisdom

Stephen Heppell has spent the past two days visiting some of our primary and secondary schools.  The feedback I have received from staff and students has been overwhelmingly positive.  I think he struck a chord with teachers everywhere when he immediately affirmed the work of schools. As part of his visit, Stephen presented a keynote which was … More Heppell’s wisdom

Building from the ground up

The Federal Government is making a huge investment in improving/modernising school infrastructure as part of its $42 billion jobs and national building plan. Most Australians would agree that education is a sound investment for our country’s future  as industrial sectors decline and emphasis is placed on creativity, adaptability and technology. While we welcome the Federal Government’s … More Building from the ground up

Food for thought

The Curriculum Corporation  has published the vodcasts from its 2008 conference held in Melbourne.   There is a broad spectrum of influential speakers such as Stephen Heppell, Chris Wardlaw (former Deputy Secretary for Education in HK) and Michael Stevenson (VP Cisco Global Education) who introduced Education 3.0. One of the most thought-provoking keynotes was from Valerie Hannon of the … More Food for thought