Leaders as readers

In 2012, John Coleman wrote an article in the Harvard Business Review titled ‘For those who want to lead, read’.  Coleman observed that business professionals were reading less despite their being wide-ranging benefits to leadership.  According to Coleman, deep and broad reading habits have been the ‘defining characteristic of our greatest leaders’ catalysing ‘insight, innovation, empathy, … More Leaders as readers

What’s worth giving a Gonski about

The tug-o-war over the Gonski education funding model continues despite Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham wanting to make changes that are designed to cost taxpayers less but still deliver needs-based funding to schools. Gonski has become a bit of a patchwork quilt with something like 27 separate school funding agreements in place with various states, territories … More What’s worth giving a Gonski about

A quality education for all

Professor Stephen Dinham has been a strong and vocal advocate for greater equality in Australian education.  He wrote an excellent piece in the Melbourne Age recently on how the ineffective quick fixes to improve teaching would actually lead to greater inequity and decline in educational performance. These simplistic approaches ignore decades of research on what makes … More A quality education for all

Bridging divides

Next month, Professor Stephen Dinham from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) will deliver the 2011 Ann D Clark lecture.  In 2008, I heard Steve Dinham speak at the Curriculum Corporation Conference in Melbourne and something he said struck a chord – you can have good classrooms without good leaders but you can’t have … More Bridging divides