Are schools aiming for a win-win?

The most effective relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. According to John Hattie in Visible Learning, when respect, trust, care and cooperation are present, it creates an environment where errors are ‘not only tolerated, but also welcomed.’ It’s a theme that runs through Stephen Covey’s best-seller, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, in particular … More Are schools aiming for a win-win?

The ‘how’ agenda

This year, I’ve had the privilege of being able to speak at education conferences both here in Australia and abroad. These experiences give me the opportunity to share with other passionate educators my ideas about schools and learning. There are so many people thinking differently about learning. I come away from these events excited and … More The ‘how’ agenda

Know your learners

Here’s a question – do you believe all students can learn?  If you said yes and you’re a teacher or leader, are there examples at your school of students who aren’t achieving gains in their learning?  How do you reconcile the two?  Here’s another question – if you were asked to list ten things that … More Know your learners

The execution gap

I have always liked Stephen Covey’s pragmatic approach to leadership development.  In his vodcast on ‘The Execution Gap‘, Covey admits that most organisations find it difficult to translate high-level goals into action. This is especially relevant to schools and systems as we struggle to balance the external demands and accountabilities with our core purpose – our goals. … More The execution gap

Sharpening our saw (focus)

Our leadership team recently met with the Victoria Department of Education and Melbourne Catholic Education Office. This peer to peer professional learning was invaluable. Firstly, it provided an opportunity to hear what other educators/leaders are doing to improve their system’s learning and teaching and teacher-learning. Secondly, it allowed us to participate in a professional dialogue and … More Sharpening our saw (focus)