If schools kill creativity then why haven’t we transformed?

I spent time revisiting some old podcasts. One of those was Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talks in 2006 and 2010. It was particularly striking that he spoke about traditional schooling ‘dislocating people’ from their natural talents. The solution? Create the circumstances for natural talents to flourish by transforming schools into something else. The message is … More If schools kill creativity then why haven’t we transformed?

Failure Week

There’s been quite a bit of media coverage on the decision by Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School to introduce ‘Failure Week’ as a way of normalising failure. The rationale behind this was a growing concern about student well-being and the negative impact ‘failure’ was having on students’ self-confidence and achievement. Former Labor leader Mark Latham referred … More Failure Week

Failure is the cancer of good learning and teaching

According to folklore, Albert Einstein failed his college entrance exam, Walt Disney was told he lacked creativity and Bill Gates dropped out of school. While it didn’t stop them achieving in their respective fields, I am left wondering why we eschew failure in education. My younger brother told me recently that he felt like he had ‘failed’ at school – a belief he … More Failure is the cancer of good learning and teaching

Assessing intelligence(s)

Sir Ken Robinson in his book Creative Schools states that our understanding of intelligence over the past hundred years (measured largely by IQ) presents “a narrow and misleading conception of how rich and diverse human intelligence really is.” As societies and cultures develop, new theories emerge and one of the most prominent theories of intelligence is Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. However … More Assessing intelligence(s)

Succeeding at failure

John Dewey recognised its importance when he said ‘failure is instructive’.  Most success stories are crafted from failure, which is why organisations are beginning to recognise the intrinsic rewards that come from understanding and learning from it. Harvard Business Review Magazine has devoted its April issue to the ‘f’ word – failure.  There are some pearls of … More Succeeding at failure

We are the people

Schooling is complicated business – if it was so simple we’d have fixed it already. Sir Ken Robinson I’m not sure whether anyone has seen the documentary ‘We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For‘.  Released late last year, this is the UK’s version of Waiting for Superman – an honest and engaging look at … More We are the people