Defining educational transformation

Almost a decade ago Ken Robinson was touting the idea of transforming education. Marketer and author, Seth Godin says transformation falls into the most difficult and most precious project category. Transformation in education is mercurial – ask ten different people and you’ll get ten different responses. I don’t necessarily think this is a negative but … More Defining educational transformation

Game changers

Marketer and entrepreneur, Seth Godin recently wrote a blog on pattern recognition versus pattern matching. Godin writes that “Some people have erroneously concluded that the way to succeed is to slavishly follow what’s come before. Pattern matching is for amateurs… pattern recognition is a priceless skill that comes with practice, with the experience of noticing. The art is to see … More Game changers

Saving language

A decade ago Don Watson wrote the definitive book on management speak called ‘Weasel Words‘. It illustrates the way in which bureaucrats and politicians’ highly crafted messages obfuscate meaning and hide the truth. As Watson wrote “this dead, depleted, verbless jargon is becoming the language of daily life.” The marketing guru Seth Godin recently asked the question on his blog ‘does … More Saving language


I’ve just finished reading marketing guru  Seth Godin‘s latest book Tribes – We Need to Lead Us.  Godin’s book picks up on themes explored in Wisdom of the Crowds and The Element, in which the authors explore the notion of tribes and the need for each of us to find like-minded people. It is a move … More Tribes