Who is my class?

When ‘Teacher Professional Learning and Development: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration (BES)‘ was published in 2007, we invited one of the lead authors, Professor Helen Timperley to speak about the teacher inquiry cycle and its effect on improved learning outcomes. More than a decade on, we are still referring to the ‘inquiry cycle’ in our conversations … More Who is my class?

Learning from leaders

I am really enjoying the opportunity to engage with and capture the conversations of school leaders and teachers.  The lived experience is a shared one and thanks to the nature of today’s technology, we are widening the professional conversation and sharing the wisdom of many.  Dr Jennifer Fraser, principal of St Michael’s Primary has been leading school communities for thirty years – … More Learning from leaders

Art of precision

Professor Helen Timperley from the University of Auckland was working with our school leaders last week. It was a great professional learning experience and builds on the work we have been doing for some years now on how continuously improve student learning outcomes. Helen has such a sharp and pragmatic focus. For me, it is … More Art of precision

Talent magnets

The issue of how to attract and retain talented teachers is an issue that education systems around the world are grappling with. The Centre for Skills Development has produced a white paper on teacher attraction and retention titled ‘Talent Magnets’. It’s worth reading given the impetus to re-frame schooling. For me, staffing the 21st century … More Talent magnets