Teachers learning

I recently had a chat with Rob Muscat, assistant principal at Nagle College Blacktown and we were talking about the work the staff are now doing as part of their commitment to challenging and empowering students. It is obvious that teachers are excited about a new way of working that is collaborative, supportive and professionally … More Teachers learning

A national curriculum

I find it interesting that just as the world is opening up to new possibilities of accessing and sharing information, connecting and collaborating globally, the government’s strategic policy focus is defining what should be learned by all students in all Australian schools today. Perhaps the new draft K-10 national curriculum is more a response to … More A national curriculum

Alchemy or science?

I am often asked why many teachers are so reluctant to share their work particularly on blogs and other social networking sites. The answer eludes me despite what we know about the influence of teacher learning on student learning. I believe it stems from the historical and cultural context of teaching. Since the 19th century, … More Alchemy or science?

Teacher learning

I spoke to over 100 teachers on Friday at a Mindful Learning: Mindful Teaching meeting. ML:MT is our system’s response to the federal government’s national partnership to improve literacy and numeracy in primary schools. I stressed two key points to the cohort: Although MySchool has dominated the media in the last three weeks, it is not … More Teacher learning


The MySchool website is still making news as the media herald it as the single source of educational truth. It is a great hit with parents and the broader community. For me, the obvious flaw of the MySchool website is that it focuses our attention individual schools and not on the work of teachers as … More MySchool

Leading learning

I’ve just finished reading Tom O’Donoghue and Simon Clarke’s ‘Leading Learning: process, themes and issues in international contexts’ – a great book for reflective practioners. O’Donoghue and Clarke map the territory for learning and leading with brief descriptions of the significant themes, trends and innovations from around the world. The real strength of this book is … More Leading learning

Building from the ground up

The Federal Government is making a huge investment in improving/modernising school infrastructure as part of its $42 billion jobs and national building plan. Most Australians would agree that education is a sound investment for our country’s future  as industrial sectors decline and emphasis is placed on creativity, adaptability and technology. While we welcome the Federal Government’s … More Building from the ground up


Jason Smith, creator of teachertube is passionate about giving teachers an opportunity to share their ideas and practice with educators from around the world.   You’ll see that teachertube has become a powerful learning community. For Jason, engagement and collaboration are the key drivers to improving schooling.  He told me he longs for the day when parents will plead with children to … More Teachertube

In their own words

A few weeks ago, I invited the kindergarten teachers at John XXIII Catholic Primary School, Stanhope Gardens to share their observations following visits to innovative schools such as Silverton PS.  These teachers returned re-energised and excited by the possibilities.   For me, their journey demonstrates a professional maturity; a willingness to work openly and honestly, sharing the accountability for their own … More In their own words