Succession management

Dr Dean Fink was in Sydney last week as part of the Leading Educators Around the Planet (LEAP) program.  Fink co-authored ‘Sustainable Leadership‘ with Andy Hargreaves in 2005 and last year published ‘The Succession Challenge’. Leadership succession is a challenge faced by schools as well as business.  Fink believes succession planning is too short-term. Rather, … More Succession management

Reflections – part 1

We often talk about educational change in the abstract as if we can manage each part separately. As schools contemplate the end of another year, I want to share the reflections of some of our principals and leading educators. Michael Hopley, principal of St Monica’s Primary, North Parramatta recently reflected on his professional year in the midst of construction of their new … More Reflections – part 1

Talent magnets

The issue of how to attract and retain talented teachers is an issue that education systems around the world are grappling with. The Centre for Skills Development has produced a white paper on teacher attraction and retention titled ‘Talent Magnets’. It’s worth reading given the impetus to re-frame schooling. For me, staffing the 21st century … More Talent magnets

Leading Learning

It is heartening to find principals who are using the tools of Web 2.0 to share information and ideas, openly seeking feedback from parents and peers and in doing so re-energise themselves through collaboration and exploration. In my experience, great school leaders absorb new perspectives and embrace a changing world with creativity.  They engage others … More Leading Learning

Aspiring leaders

Michael Fullan recently spent a day with a group of ‘aspiring leaders’ from our primary and secondary schools.  These are teachers and coordinators, identified by their principals as leaders of learning. There was an incredible buzz in the room; a sense that all things are possible when teachers share the responsibilty and accountability for learning.  What surprised … More Aspiring leaders