Alive in the Swamp

For the past five years we have been working with our ‘learning partner’ Michael Fullan.  Michael has acted as a system coach/mentor, helping us to sharpen our focus and stay the course.  The benefit of having Michael as our learning partner is that he has a deep understanding of system change but is at arm’s … More Alive in the Swamp

Pedagogy v Education

The first chapter in Educating Gen Wifi is a brief summary on the origins of schooling.  I have to admit it was a late edition in the drafting process but in hindsight the chapter is critical.  How many parents or even teachers for that matter have an understanding of the factors that have shaped modern … More Pedagogy v Education

The danger of the hype

A colleague recently emailed me a slick video on 21st century education.  It certainly ticks all the boxes – clear message, simple design, emotive statements, catchy music.  I was impressed but when I watched it again, I questioned whether we are succumbing to the hype of technology?   Are we allowing ourselves to be distracted from … More The danger of the hype

Changing pedagogies

Professor Sidney Strauss is the Chief Scientist, Ministry of Education in the State of Israel and is responsible for research into learning and teaching particularly in the area of cognition and appropriate pedagogies. We were recently discussing the imperative of changing educational models to reflect 21st century society and the needs of today’s learners. Sid … More Changing pedagogies