Crowding the curriculum

Some interesting articles in the weekend papers calling for the teaching of martial arts and alcohol education in schools to address the issues of bullying and binge-drinking. It seems that whenever there is a need to change behaviours or address attitudes we look to the curriculum.  Is this the role of a curriculum?  Is it the … More Crowding the curriculum

Waiting for Superman

If the success of An Inconvenient Truth in raising our collective consciousness is anything to go by, then Waiting for Superman will challenge and hopefully change long-held assumptions about schooling. Waiting for Superman is a documentary-film about the deteriorating state of America’s public education system.  It is an honest, confronting and challenging expose.  Essential viewing … More Waiting for Superman

Parents ask why

As I wrote in a previous blog, I had the opportunity recently to ask Stephen Heppell to respond to the questions most commonly asked by parents and teachers about contemporary learning spaces – why and how. In his response to parents, Stephen addresses why we need to move on from traditional ‘cells and bells’ learning … More Parents ask why

Throwing sheep

I’ve just finished reading Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom by Matthew Fraser and Soumitra Dutta. This is an insightful exploration of the Web 2.0 revolution – its current and future impact on individuals, communities and organisations. Building on the foundation of social interaction, Fraser and Dutta examine three fundamental themes of social networking: identity, status … More Throwing sheep

The moral purpose

Innovation expert, Charles Leadbeater was in Australian recently sharing his ideas on why we need better models of schooling to improve social cohesion. In moving towards greater efficiency, Leadbeater believes that our societies have focussed not on people but on processes, systems, structures and yes, technology. The work of public institutions like schools is not … More The moral purpose