When Michael Fullan was here two weeks ago, he spent his second day in discussion with our leadership team on how we can get greater precision in our work.  He suggested three key areas as a next step: the coordination of the message across the system, the coordination of work across the networks and a … More Precision

The danger of the hype

A colleague recently emailed me a slick video on 21st century education.  It certainly ticks all the boxes – clear message, simple design, emotive statements, catchy music.  I was impressed but when I watched it again, I questioned whether we are succumbing to the hype of technology?   Are we allowing ourselves to be distracted from … More The danger of the hype

Succeeding at failure

John Dewey recognised its importance when he said ‘failure is instructive’.  Most success stories are crafted from failure, which is why organisations are beginning to recognise the intrinsic rewards that come from understanding and learning from it. Harvard Business Review Magazine has devoted its April issue to the ‘f’ word – failure.  There are some pearls of … More Succeeding at failure

A national goal

Interesting article recently by Peter Holmes a Court on the positive changes taking place in the far north Queensland town of Aurukun.   At the heart of reform measures is  a focus on improving education participation and retention. At the beginning of 2010, not one student in the township was reading ‘at their normal grade … More A national goal