Our biggest investment

I caught an interview on CNN with Bill Gates reflecting on what he would do to change the education system in America.  Gates said if he could change something about the system, he would ‘hire the best teachers’ and get them to learn from each other because the research on the influence of good teaching … More Our biggest investment

Is teacher selection a game of chance?

Malcolm Gladwell has written an excellent article for the New Yorker. Gladwell draws a comparison between the dilemmas faced by NFL selectors and school principals in identifying talented young recruits. It’s a critical issue that school systems grapple with. How do we attract and retain excellent teachers and leaders? For me, the article raises several points worthy of … More Is teacher selection a game of chance?

Winning formula

A thought-provoking article (The New Yorker) written by Malcolm Gladwell  (Tipping Point, Blink etc) using basketball analogies to demonstrate how substituting effort for ability can be a successful strategy particularly for the underdogs. The points that Gladwell makes are: 1. be relentless – don’t give up 2. think outside the square – always question the … More Winning formula