Bluyonder voices podcast #9 – owning the faces

You could say teaching has been a life-long passion for Lyn Sharratt that began with an inspirational teacher in Grade 3. In addition to her numerous publications and her role as Associate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at University of Toronto, Lyn travels to jurisdictions around the world to support, inspire and … More Bluyonder voices podcast #9 – owning the faces

Renew and Adapt

Our system and school leaders gathered last week to reflect on past achievements and to focus on the work ahead.  Over the next two years our system’s strategic focus will be to ‘renew and adapt’.   It is not about changing course or increasing the workload but reflecting on our practice; renewing our skills and … More Renew and Adapt

Big data buzz

A few months ago I came across an ad for IBM in the Harvard Business Review.  The title was “The more we know, the more we want to change everything.”  Ads don’t normally capture my attention but this one did.  As I’ve written before, there are many things that schools can learn from business.  We … More Big data buzz

Know your learners

Here’s a question – do you believe all students can learn?  If you said yes and you’re a teacher or leader, are there examples at your school of students who aren’t achieving gains in their learning?  How do you reconcile the two?  Here’s another question – if you were asked to list ten things that … More Know your learners