Moving forward

I had the opportunity of visiting Northern Beaches Christian School  last week and spent almost three hours with the principal, Stephen Harris and his leadership team. You could not find a team of professionals more committed to improving the learning for the  young people in their care.  The school runs a range of programs and research projects  … More Moving forward

Moving forward

From its genesis, the Building the Education Revolution was always going subject to political and media scrutiny.  Yet it’s unfortunate that schools get caught as collateral damage in the cross-fire of political debate and editorial opinion. While economists and politicians seem to stand divided over the Building the Education Revolution’s economic merits, there is no doubt that schools … More Moving forward

Teachers ask how

There are no short cuts and there are many legitimate responses to new learning spaces. Stephen Heppell’s advice to teachers asking how they should work in new learning spaces is the simplest and clearest  I’ve heard  The key message here is to be inquisitive, innovative, and collaborative – there is no roadmap. And that’s part … More Teachers ask how

Parents ask why

As I wrote in a previous blog, I had the opportunity recently to ask Stephen Heppell to respond to the questions most commonly asked by parents and teachers about contemporary learning spaces – why and how. In his response to parents, Stephen addresses why we need to move on from traditional ‘cells and bells’ learning … More Parents ask why

Reflections – part 2

The Building the Education Revolution has allowed many of our primary schools to closely examine the dynamic between contemporary pedagogy and learning environments.  New opportunities to reflect on how teachers work together, plan and teach is resulting in positive outcomes for learners. Throughout 2009,  staff at St Monica’s Primary, North Richmond have been exploring ways … More Reflections – part 2

Stairs and umbrellas

One of my former colleagues sent me a great example of how you can change people’s habits by turning something seemingly tedious into something fun. On the same day, I also received an email from the principal of  one of our secondary schools who wanted to share photos of some of their new learning space (below).  … More Stairs and umbrellas


I’m amazed by the power of Twitter to turn one thought or comment into a million directions…… Reporting on how the Twitter phenomenon has changed the rules of engagement and social commentary, Steven Johnson writes (Time, June 2009): We are living through the worst economic crises in generations…. and yet in the middle of this … More Tweetback

Engaging Parents

As schools are becoming more embedded in their local communities, partnerships become more critical.  There are growing examples where parents and local experts are contributing to the learning agenda in practical ways. As I said in a previous post, it is understandable that parents often feel left behind in the learning journey (probably symptomatic of their experience of … More Engaging Parents

In their own words

A few weeks ago, I invited the kindergarten teachers at John XXIII Catholic Primary School, Stanhope Gardens to share their observations following visits to innovative schools such as Silverton PS.  These teachers returned re-energised and excited by the possibilities.   For me, their journey demonstrates a professional maturity; a willingness to work openly and honestly, sharing the accountability for their own … More In their own words