Rule of three

In schooling, it seems the rule of three applies.  Here’s a few: Elmore’s instructional core: content, teacher skill/knowledge and student engagement; Bransford et al’s theory of how people learn: connections, context and metacognition; Dr Peter Hill’s three goals for the national curriculum: personalised, professional and precision. Susan LaRosa and Dr Bill Hogarth from York District … More Rule of three

Reflections – part 1

We often talk about educational change in the abstract as if we can manage each part separately. As schools contemplate the end of another year, I want to share the reflections of some of our principals and leading educators. Michael Hopley, principal of St Monica’s Primary, North Parramatta recently reflected on his professional year in the midst of construction of their new … More Reflections – part 1

The moral purpose

Innovation expert, Charles Leadbeater was in Australian recently sharing his ideas on why we need better models of schooling to improve social cohesion. In moving towards greater efficiency, Leadbeater believes that our societies have focussed not on people but on processes, systems, structures and yes, technology. The work of public institutions like schools is not … More The moral purpose