It takes a village, not an academy to teach a child

As an election pledge, Labor announced in February and then re-announced last week that it would establish a ‘National Principals’ Academy’ in an effort to have ‘the best school system in the world’. While there are a whole range of issues here that need to be addressed, we always welcome greater focus on the important … More It takes a village, not an academy to teach a child

What leads my learning

I am consistently asked about my views on leadership and what makes a good educational leader. It seems the more we know about leadership, the less we actually understand. Personally, I avoid the temptation to list respond by giving just another list, which in my opinion, reduces leadership to a set of qualities that seem to … More What leads my learning

Learning and leading

There’s been discussion recently regarding the increasing demands placed on school leaders and teachers. We live in a world that demands greater accountability, transparency, productivity and performance. Education is not immune. We also have the research outlining qualities of high achieving/effective schools and the ‘high expectations’ on student and teacher performance. Parents expect their children will achieve quality … More Learning and leading

A new lens

According to a recent Victorian study, many assistant principals aren’t prepared to take on the role of principal because of the associated work stress. Responding to the survey, Dennis Yarrington, president of the Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA) was quoted saying that many states and territories were already looking at “innovative practices around principal development” to provide the skills and knowledge … More A new lens

Can we still manage in a crowd sourced world?

The post christmas wander through the bookshops is always enjoyable and you always pick up some great bargains. Fiction is always high on my agenda but I still browse the education, management and leadership sections looking at the latest trends. It is depressing to say that nothing really has changed except that the management paradigm … More Can we still manage in a crowd sourced world?

The responsible manager

Good school leaders share the same qualities as good managers.  They are as CK Prahalad says ‘custodians of society’s most powerful institutions’. Reading Prahalad’s column in the Jan/Feb edition of Harvard Business Review, I was struck by the timelessness of Prahalad’s notes for managers (written in 1977) and St Ignatius Loyola’s principles for leaders (written in 1500s). For … More The responsible manager