Defining educational transformation

Almost a decade ago Ken Robinson was touting the idea of transforming education. Marketer and author, Seth Godin says transformation falls into the most difficult and most precious project category. Transformation in education is mercurial – ask ten different people and you’ll get ten different responses. I don’t necessarily think this is a negative but … More Defining educational transformation

The rearview mirror

It was media theorist Marshall McLuhan who famously said we look at the present through a rearview mirror.  This is what I am doing at the moment as I reflect on the last 498 posts on bluyonder.  There have been some posts that were well-received, others critiqued and many that have been ignored. The blog was never going to … More The rearview mirror

Lessons from Sesame Street

For those who grew up watching Sesame Street in the seventies, there is research suggesting the much-loved show led to improved early educational outcomes for children. A new study has found that US children who had greater access to Sesame Street when it first aired experienced positive learning outcomes throughout primary school.  Boys and black, non-Hispanic children experienced the … More Lessons from Sesame Street

It doesn’t make sense

The prophetic Steve Jobs said: It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do. What happens when we replace ‘smart people’ with ‘teachers’ is the recognition that we are still hiring teachers and largely telling them what to do.  Unfortunately, this is the reality of the current … More It doesn’t make sense

Logical song

I tweeted this week about finding direction in the strangest places.  I never really thought about the lyrics to Supertramp’s Logical Song until I heard it on the radio recently but I wondered whether it is in fact a commentary on the industrial model of schooling.  Interestingly, the song was released six months before Pink Floyd’s Another … More Logical song

Creativity crisis

There has been a lot of discussion around the topic of creativity.  Educators and society in general seem to agree on the importance of creativity – but do our schools provide a fertile ground for our teachers and students to develop and cultivate this attribute? In Will Richardson’s blog, he argues that on the whole … More Creativity crisis

Ken Robinson on change

In this TED2010 clip, Ken Robinson talks about the ideological/cultural barriers to transforming schooling.  As educators, what assumptions do we make about learners and schooling?  Why do we assume what we do?  What do we need to do to ‘dis-enthrall’ ourselves from the industrial model of schooling?

Ken Robinson on purpose

In this clip, Ken Robinson talks about the moral purpose of schooling.  For me, the questions are what should influence our understanding of learning and teaching; how do we change our practice/thinking to meet our moral obligations to all learners?

Decline of maths

The pendulum has swung back with comments by the Group of Eight universities that maths education in Australia is in crisis due in part to a lack of skilled maths teachers. I made the point recently that it would have been good to start the national curriculum with a focus on the arts, music, dance, … More Decline of maths