Can $50 billion improve US schools?

The US federal budget for K-12 schooling for the 2011 school year is approximately $US50 billion dollars.  This doesn’t include the expenditure of state governments who have prime responsibility for schooling. It’s no wonder there is vigorous debate here on the level of expenditure particularly with the release of Waiting for Superman. One thing is clear, no matter … More Can $50 billion improve US schools?

Talking about teaching

A full day of discussions on the directions of education and the challenges in providing K – 12 schooling. The morning began with a round table meeting with members of Learning and Teaching Scotland. Margaret Alcorn,  Laurie O’Donnell, John Connell, Catriona Oates, Frank Crawford from HMIe and others talked through a ranges of concerns and … More Talking about teaching

Grown up digital

I had the opportunity to catch up with Don Tapscott last week. Talking to people who are pushing the boundaries really energises and stretches your thinking. Tapscott has written the best-selling books Growing up Digital, Grown up Digital and Wikinomics; these are must reads for educators who want to ensure schooling is relevant to today’s … More Grown up digital