Can technology change teacher practice?

I asked my colleague John Connell if he would consider writing a post in response to the question “can technology change teacher practice?” I  had the opportunity to visit Scotland in 2010 and caught up with John and his colleagues to talk about how systems can build teacher capacity supported by technology.  John writes a thought provoking blog drawing … More Can technology change teacher practice?

Talking about teaching

A full day of discussions on the directions of education and the challenges in providing K – 12 schooling. The morning began with a round table meeting with members of Learning and Teaching Scotland. Margaret Alcorn,  Laurie O’Donnell, John Connell, Catriona Oates, Frank Crawford from HMIe and others talked through a ranges of concerns and … More Talking about teaching

If you always think….

I’ll be in Glasgow later in the week for a discussion hosted by the National Centre for Professional Devlopment team on we get system wide change in education.  Joining me on the panel will be John Connell, Margaret Alcorn and Bruce Robertson. Perhaps by coincidence, I was emailed the poem below by Emeritus Professor Richard Bawden (via South Australia Department of Education … More If you always think….

Alchemy or science?

I am often asked why many teachers are so reluctant to share their work particularly on blogs and other social networking sites. The answer eludes me despite what we know about the influence of teacher learning on student learning. I believe it stems from the historical and cultural context of teaching. Since the 19th century, … More Alchemy or science?

Joy of Learning

John Connell gave an excellent presentation at the ACE Digital Fair in Geelong last week. As always, his depth of knowledge and understanding about schooling is thought-provoking. What struck me about John’s presentation on the Joy of Learning is the broad theory base that we draw from in re-shaping schooling for today’s world. What we … More Joy of Learning

The wow factor

I’ve been involved recently in an online ‘think tank’ on teaching in a web 2.0 world. The discussion has been very far ranging and interesting to say the least and centred around the ‘digital revolution’ and its impact on learning and teaching.  It is widely agreed among educators that hardware on its own is not the revolution.  … More The wow factor

Informing our practice

John Connell’s blog is worth reading. He’s running a discussion on teaching at a crossroads and has, in my view, made some excellent observations about the challenges facing us all in schooling today. Judging by the comments he has tapped into some key issues. As hard as the comments may seem they have to be named … More Informing our practice