The end of efficiency

The industrial model of schooling is characterised by its efficiency of processing children through the system en masse.  That is why the model has been easy to replicate over the decades and why its processes and structures still dominate today.  We have come to rely (almost blindly) on its efficiency at the expense of effectiveness … More The end of efficiency

Ken Robinson on change

In this TED2010 clip, Ken Robinson talks about the ideological/cultural barriers to transforming schooling.  As educators, what assumptions do we make about learners and schooling?  Why do we assume what we do?  What do we need to do to ‘dis-enthrall’ ourselves from the industrial model of schooling?

Joy of Learning

John Connell gave an excellent presentation at the ACE Digital Fair in Geelong last week. As always, his depth of knowledge and understanding about schooling is thought-provoking. What struck me about John’s presentation on the Joy of Learning is the broad theory base that we draw from in re-shaping schooling for today’s world. What we … More Joy of Learning