Reformers and adapters

I’ve just finished reading two fascinating articles by Thomas L. Friedman and Marc Prensky . There seems to be two camps when it comes to education – the reformers and the innovators who are adapters.  Like the US,  we spend millions of dollars trying to fix the system with programatic solutions that reflect a 20th … More Reformers and adapters

McKinsey 2010

The McKinsey report into ‘How the world’s most improved school systems keep getting better’ was released last week. McKinsey examined 20 school systems around the world that are somewhere along the continuum of fair to great.  These include Singapore and Ontario but also systems in developing countries like Brazil and India.  These education are considered … More McKinsey 2010

More of Marco

We had around 100 staff at a twilight session on Tuesday night to hear Marco Torres deliver an abbreviated version of his keynote at the Apple Leadership Summit in Hong Kong. Here’s Marco’s presentation in a nutshell: teachers don’t like taking risks George Lucas (Star Wars genius) doesn’t know how to use email (see pt … More More of Marco