A level playing field

There are calls for fundamental changes to be made to the funding and regulation of Vocational and Educational Training (VET) in Australia.  In today’s Sydney Morning Herald, the Federal Education Minister said he wants to boost the status of VET  so ‘students don’t feel they have to go to university to have a good career.’ It reflects the need … More A level playing field


One of the challenges facing educational leaders today is the ability to conceptualise how we go about reframing schooling and then articulating the key drivers for change. Many educational leaders suffer from what I call ‘conceptual construct disorder’ (CCD).  This is a condition in which we define and develop responses to schooling by what has … More CCD

Teaching thinking

Edward de Bono, the man that encouraged us to think laterally says he’s seen iterations of the Federal Government’s ‘Education Revolution’ before. In a recent interview, Dr de Bono argued that the Government should be focussed on the needs of young people not on constructing new school halls. He believes it would more valuable to … More Teaching thinking