What we value

I’ve been reflecting this week on the terrible events in Paris and of course, at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney before Christmas.  It was incredible to see footage of more than three million people of different political and religious persuasions marching in Paris in defense of the cultural values which they treasure. All schools, and systems of schools … More What we value

Know your learners

Here’s a question – do you believe all students can learn?  If you said yes and you’re a teacher or leader, are there examples at your school of students who aren’t achieving gains in their learning?  How do you reconcile the two?  Here’s another question – if you were asked to list ten things that … More Know your learners

Looking back on 2011

Earlier this week I had the privilege of attending a graduation ceremony at The University of Notre Dame and witnessed 100 young student teachers graduate. Other than feeling very old, I was amazed by their enthusiasm and energy which was clearly evident in their demeanour. To see this gave me great hope in the future of … More Looking back on 2011

A sign of the time

Thomas L Friedman, author and columnist for the New York Times was in Sydney last week for a ‘dialogue on global trends’.  He has co-authored a  book  That Used to Be Us to be published soon. In it, he identifies four major challenges for the US, which I believe are also applicable to Australia. These are adjusting to … More A sign of the time

Web 2.0 coming to a city near you

Ten years into the new millenium and Australia is about to get its first digital city – Parramatta.  Good to see western Sydney is leading the way. Parramatta Council is working in partnership with Google, business, Telstra and UWS on a strategy to introduce ‘smart corridors’ around government, education and shopping precincts. Rate-payers and visitors … More Web 2.0 coming to a city near you

Personalised learning

How would students of last century have fared if their learning was personalised?  It is the question asked by Ta-Nehisi Coates in his article for The Atlantic. Coates reflects on his own education in Baltimore in the 1980s and the fine line he and so many walked between drop-out and graduate.  As a journalist, able to personalise … More Personalised learning

The role of schools

If there is any institution needed by modern societies to guarantee its future, it is education. It is often convenient to ignore the importance of schools in the development of humans and society as we argue over the nature of the curriculum. Since their inception, schools have transmitted society’s values and culture, been repositories of … More The role of schools