The choice is yours

The question of why we aren’t paying the best teachers bonuses for their ‘magnificent contribution‘ is often thrown into the market place for debate. Differential payment of teachers is attractive in its simplicity especially to those outside education. It’s based on the premise that rewarding great teachers will motivate others to step-up. Good in theory … More The choice is yours

Innovating workplaces

The slow and steady demise of manufacturing in Australia has sparked interesting debate in recent times over competitiveness in a global economy.   I was interested in the discussion following on from Toyota’s recent announcement and whether workplace arrangements had jeopardised the big car manufacturers presence in Australia. The need for contemporary practices impacts also … More Innovating workplaces

Knowledge work

Several years ago I attended a conference where Daniel Pink was one of the keynote speakers.  I had never heard Pink speak before but I remember being impressed by his ideas and thinking.  Not long after that I read ‘A Whole New Mind‘ and to this day it remains one of the books in my … More Knowledge work


Dan Pink has been working on a new book “Drive” about what motivates us. As an educator and system leader,  What motivates me and many of my colleagues is a desire to give young people the best opportunity in life by giving them the gift of education. Good teachers would work for pittance and often … More Motivation

Virtual campfire

Stories define who we are and help shape both how we act and what we do. As teachers in Catholic schools, the education we provide has to be about the creation of life-giving narratives. It is interesting that Daniel Pink cites ‘story’ as one of the six aptitudes for the conceptual age in A Whole … More Virtual campfire

A national curriculum

Another thread of the Rudd Government’s ‘education revolution’ has been the establishment of the National Curriculum Board to oversee the development of a national K-12 curriculum in the key areas of English, mathematics, sciences and history (many will remember similar initiatives in the 80s and 90s). Any national curriculum pathway, created without the full collaboration of States … More A national curriculum