Knowledge work

Several years ago I attended a conference where Daniel Pink was one of the keynote speakers.  I had never heard Pink speak before but I remember being impressed by his ideas and thinking.  Not long after that I read ‘A Whole New Mind‘ and to this day it remains one of the books in my … More Knowledge work

Banning connectivity

An interesting article in the weekend paper posing the perennial question: do social networking sites cost productivity at work?  (N.B I recall the same question being posed a decade ago when MSN Messenger was popular). Kath Lockett writing in MyCareer (5-6 June 2010) cites a survey of the top 500 US Business in which 60% said … More Banning connectivity

Virtual campfire

Stories define who we are and help shape both how we act and what we do. As teachers in Catholic schools, the education we provide has to be about the creation of life-giving narratives. It is interesting that Daniel Pink cites ‘story’ as one of the six aptitudes for the conceptual age in A Whole … More Virtual campfire

A national curriculum

Another thread of the Rudd Government’s ‘education revolution’ has been the establishment of the National Curriculum Board to oversee the development of a national K-12 curriculum in the key areas of English, mathematics, sciences and history (many will remember similar initiatives in the 80s and 90s). Any national curriculum pathway, created without the full collaboration of States … More A national curriculum