Moving forward

From its genesis, the Building the Education Revolution was always going subject to political and media scrutiny.  Yet it’s unfortunate that schools get caught as collateral damage in the cross-fire of political debate and editorial opinion. While economists and politicians seem to stand divided over the Building the Education Revolution’s economic merits, there is no doubt that schools … More Moving forward

Reflections – part 2

The Building the Education Revolution has allowed many of our primary schools to closely examine the dynamic between contemporary pedagogy and learning environments.  New opportunities to reflect on how teachers work together, plan and teach is resulting in positive outcomes for learners. Throughout 2009,  staff at St Monica’s Primary, North Richmond have been exploring ways … More Reflections – part 2

Reflections – part 1

We often talk about educational change in the abstract as if we can manage each part separately. As schools contemplate the end of another year, I want to share the reflections of some of our principals and leading educators. Michael Hopley, principal of St Monica’s Primary, North Parramatta recently reflected on his professional year in the midst of construction of their new … More Reflections – part 1

Getting it right

Mark Kelly, the global head of education for architect firm Woods Bagot has joined the chorus of public school principals concerned about the federal government’s school rebuilding program. In Tuesday’s Australian , Kelly urged the federal government to move away from traditional one-size-fits-all templates to more innovative and sustainable school designs that promote collaborative models of learning and teaching. I believe these comments have helped … More Getting it right