Alchemy or science?

I am often asked why many teachers are so reluctant to share their work particularly on blogs and other social networking sites. The answer eludes me despite what we know about the influence of teacher learning on student learning. I believe it stems from the historical and cultural context of teaching. Since the 19th century, … More Alchemy or science?

Kids online

Researchers from Griffith university have recently published some interesting conclusions about young people and internet usage. The authors have found …wait for it….kids are often logging onto the net to do research for school projects and homework before logging onto social networking sites.  (I am not sure we would have seen children in the 1970s … More Kids online

Leading Learning

It is heartening to find principals who are using the tools of Web 2.0 to share information and ideas, openly seeking feedback from parents and peers and in doing so re-energise themselves through collaboration and exploration. In my experience, great school leaders absorb new perspectives and embrace a changing world with creativity.  They engage others … More Leading Learning

Candid conversations

I’m reading an enlightening book by Bennis et al called ‘Transparency’.  It’s timely given the state of the global economy and a perceived lack of transparency in government and large corporations. The partnership of Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman and James O’Toole is an interesting one given Bennis’ long history in theory-based leardership and Goleman’s work on social and emotional intelligence. … More Candid conversations