The autonomy argument

It is well documented that the success of Finland’s education system has been in part due to the autonomy granted to schools. The decision to trust teachers and the communities to make their own policy decisions has lead to increases in student achievement not to mention a rewarding working life for teachers. Autonomy needs to be understood … More The autonomy argument

All systems go

All Systems Go is the latest book by Michael Fullan and a must for all interested in sustainable systemic change to improve schooling. In the foreward, Peter Senge writes: No institution has a more crucial role to play in the historic changes coming than school because no institution has greater potential to impact on how … More All systems go

Parent feedback

As the league table debate simmers, I’ve been giving thought to how we build greater levels of understanding about student achievement between schools and communities; especially parent communities. This way we build a culture of trust and enquiry. I believe that all too often our definition of a school community is predicated on the notion … More Parent feedback

Publish and perish?

There has been fierce debate between both sides of the political fence over the decision by the federal government to publish the results of national league tables. With no white flags on the horizon, the unions have now threatened industrial action. The point is parents, students and good teachers already know which schools are under-performing. And … More Publish and perish?