Another revolution?

The Third Industrial Revolution is underway – manufacturing is going digital.  A few weeks ago, I read an interesting article in The Economist revealing manufacturers of the future will focus on mass customisation – tailoring products to our individual needs and specifications.   The revolution will not only affect how things are made – but … More Another revolution?

Alan November

Last week we had one of the world’s ed tech experts, Alan November make a whirlwind visit to Parramatta. I had an opportunity to take Alan to  one of our primary schools to see how students and teachers were working in an agile space. He then spent a few hours sharing his insights and expertise … More Alan November

Can technology change teacher practice?

I asked my colleague John Connell if he would consider writing a post in response to the question “can technology change teacher practice?” I  had the opportunity to visit Scotland in 2010 and caught up with John and his colleagues to talk about how systems can build teacher capacity supported by technology.  John writes a thought provoking blog drawing … More Can technology change teacher practice?

The next big thing

I think many people over forty have a problem with technology and the older you are the more technology seems difficult to understand. We always seem to be playing catch up as the NBT ( next big thing) hits the market. New and converging technologies appear and we often feel powerless in the face of … More The next big thing

The change gap

Last week I attended a “learning and leading conversations” workshop at Ravenswood School for Girls with Canadian educator George Couros. George and his brother Alec have developed a significant professional learning network on Twitter and it was good to see the physical and virtual connections converging.  The more this happens, the greater the drive for principals … More The change gap

The danger of the hype

A colleague recently emailed me a slick video on 21st century education.  It certainly ticks all the boxes – clear message, simple design, emotive statements, catchy music.  I was impressed but when I watched it again, I questioned whether we are succumbing to the hype of technology?   Are we allowing ourselves to be distracted from … More The danger of the hype

Hybrid schools

The Harvard Education Letter (Vol. 27, March/April 2011) recently published an article on ‘Hybrid Schools for the iGeneration’. These schools are springing up across the US, combining traditional face-to-face teaching with virtual learning, earning the nickname ‘bricks-and clicks’ for its blended methodology. Students spend an average of 50-70 percent of their time in front of … More Hybrid schools


One of the challenges facing educational leaders today is the ability to conceptualise how we go about reframing schooling and then articulating the key drivers for change. Many educational leaders suffer from what I call ‘conceptual construct disorder’ (CCD).  This is a condition in which we define and develop responses to schooling by what has … More CCD