Building capacity through strategic partnerships

For a number of years, we have had a strategic partnership with Republic Polytechnic (RP), a tertiary institution in Singapore that leverages problem-based learning to provide an industry-relevant curriculum to Diploma level. It is geared towards students becoming innovative and entrepreneurial professionals with global perspectives. A number of our schools in the Parramatta Diocese such … More Building capacity through strategic partnerships

Building connections for a sustainable framework

The prevailing model of schooling is so deeply embedded in our collective psyche that it’s often difficult to imagine alternate models. Last Friday, my colleagues and I visited New Tech Network’s president, Lydia Dobyns and senior director, Tim Presiado to look at ways to build a sustainable framework beyond their 100 schools in the US … More Building connections for a sustainable framework

Hitting home runs

I’ve just finished reading Michael Lewis’ Moneyball, which has been made into a movie starring Brad Pitt and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Finding insight in different places often provides a new perspective on the work we do.  For me, the commonality was the desire to build a high performing baseball team and the desire to build … More Hitting home runs


When Michael Fullan was here two weeks ago, he spent his second day in discussion with our leadership team on how we can get greater precision in our work.  He suggested three key areas as a next step: the coordination of the message across the system, the coordination of work across the networks and a … More Precision

Crowdsourcing education

Could students learn from strangers or learn from lessons created by people who are not teachers? Could your next best lesson come from an outside source, someone with knowledge but not organisational authority, and delivered to the student via the web. If so, what would this mean to teachers and students? What would this mean for … More Crowdsourcing education

Digital Media

My thanks to Mike O’Brien from Cisco for the link to an upcoming PBS documentary – Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st century. PBS will screen the documentary this Sunday in the US but there are some excellent extended interviews with Dr Nichole Pinkard on re-defining student literacy and Dr John Seely Brown on … More Digital Media