A national curriculum

On Monday evening, the CEO of ACARA, Dr Peter Hill delivered our 2010 Ann D Clark lecture to over 500 educators. I have known Peter Hill for many years – he’s had an extraordinary career in education and is someone who brings great insight and experience to this role. What is evident is that Peter understands … More A national curriculum

Is censorship sensible?

I’ve been following discussion of the Federal Government’s proposed mandatory internet filter initiative.  Support seems to be fading for the program as the public ironically gathers more information about which sites could be blocked. With the rise of social networking sites, the net has become a kind of bastion of democracy where free speech and freedom of information reigns.  Yet even in … More Is censorship sensible?

A national curriculum

I find it interesting that just as the world is opening up to new possibilities of accessing and sharing information, connecting and collaborating globally, the government’s strategic policy focus is defining what should be learned by all students in all Australian schools today. Perhaps the new draft K-10 national curriculum is more a response to … More A national curriculum

The razor’s edge

The Federal Government has just caught on to the power of blogging and social technologies. Read the Federal Minister for Finance’s OpED. Good to see our politicians and bureaucrats  are catching up to the electorate.

The role of schools

If there is any institution needed by modern societies to guarantee its future, it is education. It is often convenient to ignore the importance of schools in the development of humans and society as we argue over the nature of the curriculum. Since their inception, schools have transmitted society’s values and culture, been repositories of … More The role of schools


Dan Pink has been working on a new book “Drive” about what motivates us. As an educator and system leader,  What motivates me and many of my colleagues is a desire to give young people the best opportunity in life by giving them the gift of education. Good teachers would work for pittance and often … More Motivation

Publish and perish?

There has been fierce debate between both sides of the political fence over the decision by the federal government to publish the results of national league tables. With no white flags on the horizon, the unions have now threatened industrial action. The point is parents, students and good teachers already know which schools are under-performing. And … More Publish and perish?

Time to Agitate

Brian Caldwell’s Agitation Hill Lecture delivered in May is worth reflecting on. In his address, Caldwell urges educators and parents to adopt ‘the language of radical dissent’ and wrest back control of education before our government take us down the path that England has chosen.  Interesting to see Gordon Brown’s refreshing approach to educational policy … More Time to Agitate

Getting it right

Mark Kelly, the global head of education for architect firm Woods Bagot has joined the chorus of public school principals concerned about the federal government’s school rebuilding program. In Tuesday’s Australian , Kelly urged the federal government to move away from traditional one-size-fits-all templates to more innovative and sustainable school designs that promote collaborative models of learning and teaching. I believe these comments have helped … More Getting it right