TeachMeet 2010

As a system, we are looking into new ways of utilising technology to support teacher learning in situ.   One of the common complaints I hear from leaders is that in leading their schools they are often required to leave their school in order to share and learn from one another. There is an explosion … More TeachMeet 2010

Heppell and Reeves

I had a chance to catch up with two outstanding educational leaders this week: Stephen Heppell and Douglas Reeves. Stephen spent part of the week working with a group of teachers – sharing knowledge and building critical mass around 21st century learning and teaching. Integral to the discussion is how we design schools and learning … More Heppell and Reeves

Schools as global institutions

Britain’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown delivered a powerful speech at the TED forum in Oxford about the creation of a truly global society connected by powerful communication technologies. In essence, this was a call to collaborative action in tackling global challenges like climate change, terrorism and human rights abuse. Gordon Brown made a persuasive plea for the … More Schools as global institutions

Joy of Learning

John Connell gave an excellent presentation at the ACE Digital Fair in Geelong last week. As always, his depth of knowledge and understanding about schooling is thought-provoking. What struck me about John’s presentation on the Joy of Learning is the broad theory base that we draw from in re-shaping schooling for today’s world. What we … More Joy of Learning

Cisco Webclass

Last Tuesday I participated in Cisco’s Webclass for Education series.  It is yet another example of the power of virtual networks – anywhere, anytime. The Webclass was on collaboration in education and how teachers/systems can work to improve their own and student learning.   You can listen or download the webinar by clicking here.

Food for thought

The Curriculum Corporation  has published the vodcasts from its 2008 conference held in Melbourne.   There is a broad spectrum of influential speakers such as Stephen Heppell, Chris Wardlaw (former Deputy Secretary for Education in HK) and Michael Stevenson (VP Cisco Global Education) who introduced Education 3.0. One of the most thought-provoking keynotes was from Valerie Hannon of the … More Food for thought

To come and learn

If you are looking for some brain-food over the holidays, I recommend watching TED for some inspiring and insightful talks on just about any topic imaginable. One of TED’s most popular presenters is American astronomer Clifford Stoll. What I enjoyed about Stoll’s presentation aside from his brilliant, agile mind is that he believes in the … More To come and learn