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  1. HI Greg, I am an “old” Wollongong Teacher having taught at St Joseph’s Bulli for many years. I am now back in my study mode after starting a family and hoping to return when my family is less dependant. I, too, have started my own blog site and would love to continue the interactions as I follow you on Twitter. The site address is: http://webclasscommunity.wordpress.com
    Congratulations on your visions and onward, committed drive for our children.
    Best wishes,
    Rita Joseph – Finlay

    • Rita, thanks for your comments – it’s always good to hear from ‘old’ Wollongong teachers. I look forward to reading your blog. Good luck with the studies and I hope the connections you make on social media continue to enhance your professional learning.

      • Hi Greg, would love you to take 2 minutes to view a video designed too impress creativity and imagination in the classroom. I made it with the students and staff of Good Samaritan School in Fairy Meadow. The link is: https://vimeo.com/91161961. Kind regards,
        Rita Finlay

      • Rita, just watched the video. Congratulations to Good Samaritan students and staff – the message is loud and clear! Thanks for sharing.

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