Bluyonder voices podcast #1

Over the past decade I’ve had the opportunity to chat with some innovative and inspiring educators, leaders and academics. So often the focus is on what they are doing now rather than how they came to teaching and what inspired them then and now.

That’s the starting point for a new podcast series ‘bluyonder voices’, where each month I’ll sit down and chat to educators to learn more about who inspired them and what they are most passionate about. You’ll be able to search for the podcasts via iTunes. As always, I’d love your feedback so please rate the podcasts on iTunes and let us know who you’d like to feature in upcoming episodes.

First guest is Finnish educator, author and innovator, Pasi Sahlberg. Pasi was in Sydney recently. He is a passionate advocate for the teaching profession and for sharing the best of Finnish practice around the world.

One thought on “Bluyonder voices podcast #1

  1. I would like to propose an inspiring, innovative Principal you may like to speak with; co-principal of a catholic primary school who has created a new model of learning for students, teachers and parents. This model has been so successful the school is in partnership with the University of Melbourne and The Science of Learning Research Centre, in a significant research-based improvement initiative. I would like to forward a document that outlines this initiative.

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