Preparing teachers for the profession

Stanford University in the US is working with Pearson to operationalise an assessment for beginning teachers as part of a national strategy to introduce a single method for assessment.

Nathan Estel, Director, Educator Relations at the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson says the work has provided a clearer picture of how universities are preparing graduates for work in schools.

Nathan says many US states are already using the Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) as a policy lever to bring about greater cooperation and changes to teacher preparation programs.

It aims to encourage universities to think about new ways of providing ongoing professional learning and support for teachers once they enter the profession.

edTPA is designed around four key competencies:

  1. Content knowledge (computer based assessment)
  2. Differentiation in instruction (portfolio based)
  3. Teaching practice and learning environment
  4. Effective and Reflective Practitioner

A national assessment tool provides insight into future possibilities for the what and how of graduate teacher accreditation in other jurisdictions.  This illustrates how systems and organisations are working collaboratively to provide greater support for teachers especially beginning teachers.



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