Connecting leaders

I’m always amazed at the ways in which technology is being used in education to inform practice.   Twitter continues to be a source of great ideas and professional learning particularly for the teaching profession.

For the past two years, I have been using technology (OscarLive) to connect with four school leaders each Monday morning. It is a simple video conference facility. We always have both primary and secondary leaders as the agenda is about leading learning.  The hour conversation has no set agenda – it is an opportunity to share, support and engage in reflective dialogue.

The feedback has been positive.  Leaders appreciate not having to leave their school and it’s been useful for secondaries to gain greater insight and understanding into primary challenges/issues and vice versa. It has become a natural and personal way to work, one which strengthens connections and deepens collaboration.

To spend the first meeting of each week talking about learning and teaching with leaders has been most rewarding for me.  I find it sets me up for the week, I often find I can reference comments made during our online time in meetings I am having during the week

It reiterates that leadership within a system is a shared responsibility, requiring ongoing dialogue and respect for ideas and diversity. It also reinforces the theme that leadership is most effective when it is genuinely collaborative.

Every week I see leaders who are passionate about their work, supportive of the system agenda and committed to sharing best practice to improve student learning outcomes across the board.

The challenge is how do we use the tools available to challenge, to empower and to deepen our own professional learning?


2 thoughts on “Connecting leaders

  1. Greg these meetings are informative as it does give us an opportunity to hear from others across the diocese. Often we can easily work in a vacuum in a network. The value of this technology is often bought home to me by students. The many times I have been interviewed by students from their classroom to my office on different issues is inspirational. However the best experience I witnessed was when students in our Year 7 Geography classes studying rainforest habitats contacted schools in Cairns and engaged in a discussion with students from their diocese. The flip side was the opportunity for these students to engage with students from our diocese who are from many different cultures and talk about their lives, their experiences and their learning .
    The use of technology such as this opens doors that we may not have had thought of previously. As a Principal in the diocese I enjoy the dialogue this technology brings as it means I don’t have to battle the traffic and find a parking spot!!!!!!!!!!

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