Funding Overhaul Distraction

The recent announcement by Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne flagging the overhaul of the school funding model is a major distraction for schools who just want to get on with the work of learning and teaching.

While we have a guarantee on the level of funding for next year, beyond that there is no certainty about how the funding ‘envelope’ will be determined or distributed.

The Gonski review wasn’t just about funding. It recommended a set of reforms, which are enshrined in the Australian Education Act. We need to know whether these reforms will be impacted by the Federal Government’s proposed changes.

While there is certainly some scope to reduce the administrative burden and the costs of implementing and reporting on the reforms, this  should not require a major upheaval to existing arrangements. The Coalition promised policy certainty prior to the election and they need to act quickly to ensure minimal disruption to the work of schools and the systems that support them.

Funding is only one part of the equation. The focus has to be on the learning and teaching.

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4 thoughts on “Funding Overhaul Distraction

  1. A fundamental business principle – “consider all expenditure in terms of the beneficial impact”. To talk of funding cuts without consideration of the impact on education and teaching is “unbusinesslike”. Is our new government, so full of promise just a few months ago, about to add this descriptor to its “undiplomatic” tag?

  2. While the Coaltion considers it’s questions about Gonski, here are 3 more it should also deliberate over:

    *When will any government get it right and talk with the groups who are actually in the process of delivering the learning?
    *When will governments really consider education as the learning our future needs rather than a matter of politics?
    *When will any government look at what needs to be done rather than how much it will cost?

  3. Interestingly the newly elected government, has not a person in the ivory tower of Canberra to review the successful education systems such as Sweden and dare I say China. Both systems respect the profession and actively support and encourage innovative learning. The economy of both countries has bloomed since undertaking Educational Reform. Dr Yong Zhao recently speaking at Knox Grammar Sydney last week, could only laugh at how we as a country look to outsiders in having had 3 Prime Ministers in less than 12 months! The emphasis a nation puts on Learning certainly is reflected in its respect of the future.

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