Insights from a student teacher

I was at one of our primary schools recently and met a student teacher from the Australian Catholic University.

Shay Currey was on her first round of prac teaching and happy to chat about her experiences. Shay’s main observation was that prac teaching at this school was very different from what she was learning at university.

I wondered whether student teachers who have not had the experience of working alone in classrooms are more willing to embrace new ways of teaching and in new settings ie. agile learning spaces?  Shay found working this way very positive becuase it enabled her to discuss, plan and learn from her colleagues.

As this cohort of student teachers prepares to enter our schools, we may find they are more comfortable collaborating, sharing and looking for new ways to improve their practice.

3 thoughts on “Insights from a student teacher

  1. I have a young niece who is in her final year at ACU, Nicole Edwards. At her recent 21st I was discussing and encouraging her to put her CV in to OLMC. In the course of the conversation and having now completed a number of days of casual teaching in the Parramatta diocese she commented very positively that she had developed more skills and a better understanding of How children best learn. By working in open space classrooms, as this enabled her to risk take, and collaborate with her colleagues along with her learning from the students. She spoke well of the theory of learning and many of the subjects she has completed as part of the ACU course, but felt that in some ways the pedagogy and the insight of technology on learning is missed by the Uni.We both schools & university need to work collaboratively and network so that best practice and schools and teachers leading in technology and thinking can support the great work being undertaken by the universities to supply teachers who are at the cutting edge of 21st century pedagogy, considering we have 5 year olds commencing school in 2011/2012 with hands on experience of self directed learning with iphone apps , ipod touch well in advanced skills of their year 12 HSC counter parts leaving school in 2011!

    1. John, it is encouraging to hear young teachers talking about their experiences especially in agile learning spaces. The issue is when practice doesn’t connect with theory and vice versa. I think universities and school systems need to be in continual discussion about the needs of 21st learners and the role of 21st century teachers. There is a responsibility for all of us to ensure teachers understand the nexus between pedagogy, design and technology.

  2. Greg, I could not agree more! We are since our Singapore experience using the insights from Lara Mackintosh (Curtin Uni) & David Thornburg. (David is an award-winning futurist, author and consultant whose clients range across the public and private sector, both in the United States and in Brazil. His razor-sharp focus on the fast-paced world of modern computing and communication media, project-based learning, 21st century skills, and open source software has placed him in constant demand as a keynote speaker and workshop leader for schools, foundations, and governments.

    As the founder and Director of Global Operations for the Thornburg Center he conducts research and provides staff development in the several area. He helps clients to think intelligently about the future and is active in exploring ways that telecommunications and multimedia will change the face of learning, both at home and in the classroom.) I have included a link below if you should wish to look at the articles. Thornburg’s model of Campfire, Watering Hole and Cave..then Life is very thought provoking in terms of how we can challenge our personal pedagogy and entwine technology seamlessly into the learning experience. We will be trying at OLMC to get teachers to view the new learning spaces into this philosophy with an Aussie Indigenous twist. The Campfire remains the same the place of storytelling..the Meeting Place of minds and spirit in an atmosphere of free risk taking and sharing. The Corroboree Place. The Watering Hole becomes the Billabong a place were we collaborate,where we collect our needs What do I want to Learn? How do I learn? Who can I learn with and from?It is the flexible noisy learning space were we talk, listen help each other share debate , discuss plan. The Cave this is my place a place Where i can be with myself, reflect what have I learned? What don’t i understand? How am I feeling about me? I assess my learning what worked what didn’t why?How can I change? Lara then speaks of the Mountain Top, this is the place I go to to share with the world what I am learning. This world can be my family ,my school community,my global community dare I say through Social Media Networks.

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